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Beltrán González

sunken (2021 UA)

for amplified ensemble


Dustin Zorn

Figurine (2021 UA)

for ensemble


- - - PAUSE - - -


Saemi Jeong

Imago () (2021 UA)

for ensemble and fixed media


Hatem Hamdy

Sonder (2021 UA)

for ensemble


Beltrán González, conductor

Etienne Hahn, conductor


Ensemble Unruhe

Malin Sieberns, flutes | Camilo Hirschhorn, clarinet | Constance Morvan, clarinet | Vanessa Klöpping, clarinet and bass clarinet | Marco Malatesta, trumpet | Rafael Mota, trombone | Jo Wei Liu, percussion | Ilona Perger, piano | Michael Cohen-Weissert, piano | Elisabeth Müller, accordion | Moritz Kayser, cello | Jun Jae Jeong, cello | Soyeon Ahn, contrabass


Malwine Kurella - video documentation

Robert Priebs - light design

Alexander Choeb - sound engineer


Date & Venue

19.2.2022 | 20h | Probensaal | UdK Berlin

Bundesallee 1-12 | 10719 Berlin


Duration: 80'



Beltrán González

sunken (2021)

After thorough research of underwater recordings, a selection of marine animals, man-made sounds, and meteorological factors served as inspiration for new instrumental possibilities - which evolve into autonomous musical material in a purely musical way throughout the piece. Sunken sounds, submerged instruments, playing in a vast dark underwater field.

Dustin Zorn

Figurine (2021)

Figurine plays with the idea of having two instrumentalists repeatedly do something similar and develop a dialogue through the different sound production of the instruments, as well as their relationships to a rhythmic or tonal setting. This dialogue is in tension with the dramaturgical structure of the piece and the individual gesture of each.

Hatem Hamdy

Special (2021)

The piece is an ode to wandering thoughts, racing unchecked as in an endless train ride through memories, through thoughts, fears and worries. They are broken only by the raw, the sensual, and the animalistic.


Saemi Jeong

Imago () (2021

The sonic experiences in the piece are inspired by personal experiences of intimate body feeling towards the instruments - the piano and the violin. Among other things, certain playing techniques are reinterpreted and varied in different forms and mixed with pre-recorded sounds - an additional level is created that shows a clear contrast - namely between the live concert on stage and the virtual situation of the feeds, in which a private, and less performative attitude is staged.


Beltrán González studied piano at the Conservatory of La Plata and orchestral conducting at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata. He later continued his education at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg and is currently at the Berlin University of the Arts. He collaborated with Orquesta Sinfónica de Mar del Plata, Orquesta de Tucumán, Orquesta de Entre Ríos, Orquesta de la UTN and participated in several festivals: Mixtur 2021, impuls 2021 in Graz, Accademia Musicake Chigiana di Siena, Campos do Jordão and Festival de Curitiba. As a composer, his works have been premiered by the Brandenburg State Orchestra, Quartetto Maurice, Black Page Orchestra, Vertixe Sonora, Quartetto Prometeo, Kollektiv Unruhe and Ensemble ilinx. He has been awarded scholarships from the Argentine Mozarteum, the Argentine National Art Fund, the Lucia Loeser Foundation, the Ad Infinitum Foundation and the DAAD.


Dustin Zorn was born in 1990 in Wuppertal, Germany. He studies composition and electronic composition in Berlin in the Master at the Hfm- Hanns Eisler Berlin with Prof. Eun-Hwa Cho and Prof. Wolfgang Heiniger and at the Cnsm Paris with Stefano Gervasoni. He is a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. Pieces of his have been performed on Deutschlandfunk, at the festival Ultraschall, at Klangwerkstatt, at Randspiele in Zepernik, at BKA Berlin and at Neuköllner Originaltönen. His pieces are performed by ensembles Lux:NM, Mosaik and the Echo Ensemble. In addition to his work as a composer, he works in sound direction for festivals such as Ultraschall and Klangwerkstatt. He is a founding member of the composers' collective Stir. In his work Dustin Zorn deals with live-electronic setups in which the musical material is generated from the relationships of the musicians to each other as well as to the electronics, the setup and the concert space. These functions of the components of the performing sound body are constantly redefined in the course of the pieces. This creates a music that generates its form by oscillating between the theatrical aspects of its creation and the joy of musical details.


Hatem Hamdy was born and raised in Cairo. This great city played an important role in his artistic development. From an early age he had access to and was exposed to various musical influences. These influences shaped his path in which he was able to internalize different musical traditions simultaneously. In addition to studying engineering in Cairo, he was self-taught in Arabic and Western music. In 2015 Hatem Hamdy came to Berlin and in 2017 began his bachelor's degree in composition at the Berlin University of the Arts with Prof. Daniel Ott. Since then he has been experimenting with a wide variety of influences in his compositions. Not only sonic aspects, but also psychological, physical and everyday elements play a role in his composition process.

Saemi Jeong has been studying composition with Prof. Hanspeter Kyburz at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" Berlin since 2018, having already completed composition studies at Yonsei University Seoul with Prof. Jie-Sun Lim. Her pieces have been (premiered) at several festivals, competitions, project events: Klangwerkstatt (georg katzer ensemble Berlin), MehrLicht!Musik (ensemble mosaik), Neuköllner Originaltöne ("Eisler's Legacy"), Donga Music Concours, etc. In 2020, she received the excellence award at the ACL (Asian Composer League) Korea Newcomer's Concours. In 2019, she initiated the concert event "Some Music" (also known as "Series of Combined Music") with her music-making colleagues in Seoul, where young composers* of new music performed their works to a wider audience. Also as a founding member of "Kollektiv Unruhe", a Berlin-based group of composers, her ensemble piece "Schlingernd" was presented in its debut concert "Unruhe".

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