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pieces for solo + video
Festival 48h Neukölln 2022



José Luis Perdigon & Deep Dakshy: »that bridge« for Cello & video

Lara Alarcón & Germán Gabriel Garcia: »PROTESIS II« for Trumpet, live electronics & live video

Beltrán Gonzalez, Francisco Jamón & Asia Jiménez Antón de Vez: »a fashion show about cronus (mentiras)« for violin, performer & video

Luca Staffiere, Anna Petzer & Olivia Palmer-Baker: »Olivia« for bassoon & video

Faidra Chafta-Douka & Galo Enrique Rivera: »under•I•flect« for double bass & live video



Unruhige Köpfe, solo pieces. + video
48h Neukölln Festival

In their first multimedia concert, Kollektiv Unruhe deals with different phenomena of the mind.

A polyhedral team of musicians, videographers and composers will artistically depict and comment on different states of mind in times of restlessness, tension and suffering. The tools used, namely solo instruments and videos, will be used to open doors, to get insights into our minds and to explore a variety of brain processes from different angles. composer’s collective and ensemble presents selected chamber and ensemble
pieces, which showcase the work of eight young composers from Berlin. In their sound experiments they disturb musical conventions, exploring sounds from every facet, and letting them break up and collide again.

Di, 26/06/2022, 14:00&16:00 Uhr
Heimathafen Neukölln
With the support of Bezirksamt Neukölln 

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