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Improvisation in concert



Malin Sieberns, Flute

Camilo Hirschhorn, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Olivia Palmer-Baker, Bassoon

Ilona Perger, Piano

Eli Simić-Prošić, Piano

Luca Staffiere, E-Guitar




Constantin Prückner – Fashion Designer

Sora Pham – Dancer

Tamae Yoneda – Dancer


»Creatures of the self« 2023 (UA)

I can only begin myself in calm within the first person I...
Breathe and then the second somebody appears.
You are where out there within some... me?
I see through your eyeing ears.

Gather hearing in time.
We then more than a memory now... just re-member us.
My eye, your ear, our voices you’re… singing
To us creatures of the self.

Improvisation concept: Eli Simić-Prošić

»Transpose« 2023 (UA)

Transpose: to write or perform (a musical composition) in a different key; to change the relative place or normal order of:  alter the sequence of; to render into another language, style, or manner of expression; to change in form or nature; to transfer from one place or period to another.

Improvisation concept: Olivia Palmer-Baker

»Process Polyphony« 2023 (UA)

Two movements in different directions form a space. The psyche of a person or social space can form a unit only in the acceptance of the many different, constantly changing elements. We pursue different processes simultaneously, which form an actual whole through sensitivity to the other and shared space.

Improvisation concept: Malin Sieberns 

»Unbox x Zzzz« 2023 (UA)

The performers in Unbox follow the rules of a game in which roles can be suddenly switched. The interplay of these groups and the dynamics of the interactions are reminiscent of children's games and inspired by the joy of discovering something new, of opening a box containing an unknown present.

Improvisation concept: Luca Staffiere (Music) & Constantin Prückner (costume)

Choreography: Tamae Yoneda & Sora Pham



Improvisation as deep communication between musicians, as in real time
development of dramaturgy, as a game where the rules must be both
followed and broken.

Kollektiv Unruhe explores ways of mixing improvisation with composition
by creating several sets of game rules that can shape the spontaneous flow
of musical ideas in different ways!

01/04/2023, 20:00 Uhr
UdK Berlin
Bundesallee 1-12, Berlin

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