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collaborative composition
Klangwerkstatt Festival 2023



NOT FOUND, not being found, but hovering between exact opposites; a grey zone where the audience can blur with the collective in a shared sound space.

Through a juxtaposition of energy and exhaustion, silence and contemplation, improvisation, interaction and interpretation, the music attempts to communicate. But the message does not reach its recipient. NOT FOUND is a failure of communication. As communicating fails, it encourages a closer look and explores the contingencies of the collective mind.

Four scenes independently depict people trying to communicate with each other, only to achieve mixed success with their endeavour. The same situation is reinterpreted musically four times, with the intention of discovering what is deeply human about unsuccessful attempts at communication and non-arrived messages.

The concert evening is a mixture of the classical concert format with participatory, installative elements, whereby the audience also has an active, performative role. The piece was conceived specifically for the church architecture of Studio 1, which with its characteristic reverberation swallows up our messages and renders them incomprehensible.

Cooperation project with Klangwerkstatt Festvial & KLANGZEITORT, the joint Institute for New Music of the UdK Berlin and HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin.



In order to complete the budget for this project, and to be able to have a fair fee for our musicians we initiated a crowdfunding campaign. Any donation is a great help for us!


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